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Testimonials from Existing Clients

We are always proud when a current client gives us a testimonial about the effectiveness of our crawl space products.  Here are a couple of recent ones we have received...

From James Warnes of Timmons, Warnes, & Anderson LLP of Athens, Georgia

I own a commercial building in downtown Athens... this building has had moisture, mold and odor problems for more than 20 years... I installed the Zeus system in 2003 at the recommendation of Mike Martin.  Ever since the building has been free of moisture, mold, and that old building smell.  (Read Full Testimonial)

From Ray & Laura Caldwell of Athens, Georgia

A couple of years ago, while performing a routine change of the HVAC filter, we discovered standing water, mold and some disturbing dampness under the house.  After consulting Mike Martin..., we decided that Vent the Crawl would be the best solution.  The system was installed and we saw results within a very short period of time. (Read Full Testimonial)

Charlie Armentrout of Athens, Georgia

Shortly after building my home in 1991, close to the Oconee River, I noticed elevated moisture levels in the crawlspace.  Using the Zeus unit to circulate fresh air and the Moisture Scrubbers to control the moisture and mold spores in the crawl space, has resulted in a dryer area under my house and a healthier environment inside.  I would recommend the Vent the Crawl system to anyone experiencing the problems and aggravations of inadequate air circulation in their crawlspace.

6 Augest 2013

    Mike, 4 weeks ago I added a Zeus vent and a scrubber to my camp crawl space, along with covering the ground with plastic and it worked! The moisture is gone from the floor joists, underflooring, walls and support beams. I compliment you in your design, Ray Kozloski

8 Augest 2013

I want to tell you how pleased we are as our house "odor" has really improved since we installed the Zues. I think your company has saved us a lot of money and we are very happy with our home's improved smell.
Georgia Jernigan

Hi Mike, Ray Kozloski here from Syracuse, NY. I bought the "Zeus" vent with the "Moisture Scrubber" unit from you in July, 2013. I was having trouble with condensation under my camp in the crawl space. My camp is located on the eastern side of Lake Ontario. After I installed the units you suggested covering the surface of the crawl space with 9 mil plastic, which we did. The unit is functioning well and I no longer have condensation issues below the camp or the musty smell in the camp itself. The units are functioning very well and are working as advertised.

(Read Full Testimonial)

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