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About Us

     Vent the Crawl is the creation of long time (1972) home inspector and builder Mike Martin. Mike has seen too many times the negative effects of moisture buildup in a crawlspace. With the need for moisture reduction and virtually no dependable products on the market which efficiently solve this common problem, Mike decided to put his creativity and experience to work. The result is a fine product with the best results.
     Being involved with the housing industry for many years, Mike Martin has the vision of making homes safer and more comfortable for every family. To meet his goal, he offers you and your family the safety and convenience of Vent the Crawl. Affordable, efficient and an outstanding value, Vent the Crawl is made for every home.  Wooden structures will not remain long with elevated moisture in the crawl or attic.  This common problem is not your fault but must be addressed.

     The image below is a stylized drawing of a foundation.  Zeus is removing the crawlspace air out and makeup air is entering through two Moisture Scrubbers.  This action, of removing the water vapor from the top of the crawlspace atmosphere,  allows/demands that water evaporate.  By consistently removing the new water vapor that replaces the old, we completly dry out the crawl in short order.  Once the wet masonry, wood, insulation, and standing water have evaporated away their water, which takes about one week, we are left with clean dry air.  Once our system has gained control, it will not let it go.  Any new water invasion is quickly evaporated and removed.


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Crawl Space Ventilation diagram

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