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Vent your crawl with fresh, moving air.

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Crawlspace Ventilation

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Zeus Crawl Space Ventilator
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Crawlspace Buddy

Crawl Space Buddy

Made in USA


Zeus Crawlspace Ventilator


Zeus has been sold in homes all over The United States. With Zeus installed in your home radon levels are greatly decreased while mold and fungus growth is inhibited or completely stopped without chemicals! There is simply no better way to protect your investment.

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Zeus Vent Adapter


The Zeus vent adapter will connect Zeus even if your foundation vent is hard to reach.

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Moisture Scrubber


Moisture Scrubbers will extract moisture and mold spores from the humid summer air for year round "dry" fesh air. With Moisture Scrubbers and Zeus working together you have the perfect solution for your crawl space. The end of condensation on your ductwork and fresh clean air year round.

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Replacement Vent


Our choice of foundation vents prepared and ready to set.

Crawl Buddy


Just load the Crawl Buddy at your truck, drag everything to the crawl space door and push it in. Whatever your job in the crawl may be, it will go faster with Crawl Buddy.

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