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Testimonial from Charlie Armentrout

Shortly after building my home in 1991, close to the Oconee River, I noticed elevated moisture levels in the crawlspace.  My house is built in a low lying area with a high seasonal ground water table so I get a lot of moisture in the crawl space.  Even with a vapor barrier I still noticed seasonal high levels of moisture.  I tried several approaches to control the moisture levels including adding more vents.  But I still had a problem even to the point I was getting build up of mold on the structural elements in the crawl space and my wife complained of mildew odors coming into the house from the crawl space.

In 1999 Mike Martin installed his exhaust system in the crawl space.  Within a short period of time the mildew odors went away.  I checked in the crawl space and noticed the mold on the joists had died.  The air in the crawl space was such that I did not need a mask or respirator to go into the space.  The  problem came under control.

In 2003 Mike asked if I would mind if he used my crawlspace for an idea that he was developing, called Moisture Scrubber.  Shortly after the installation of his new “idea” the level of moisture in the crawlspace further reduced and now this reduction is year round.

His Zeus unit, has been in use now for nine years and still operational.  Using the Zeus unit to circulate fresh air and the Moisture Scrubbers to control the moisture and mold spores in the crawl space, has resulted in a dryer area under my house and a healthier environment inside.

I would recommend the Vent the Crawl system to anyone experiencing the problems and aggravations of inadequate air circulation in their crawlspace.

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